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We believe that the mould design is the source of the quality. Our mould design concept which we have been insisting is convenient manufacturing and molding. We pursue the mould structure rationalization, strive to perfect.

We would make a comprehensive review and analysis on the part in front of the mould design, including analysis of structure, shrinkage, draft angle and mold flow, then a DFM report will be sent to the customer, to help the customer optimize product design to the largest extent.

Full 3D detailed design, even including venting and part numbers, greatly reduces the error rate of design.

The concept of processing integrated into the mould design, improves the design, so as to make mould easier to be processed and firmly control the quality from the source.  

Our mould design review,Comprehensive review of the rationality of the mould structure and processing feasibility,to avoid any errors. Arrange the manufacturing from the overall processing to each step, All requirements of customer are implemented.

Timely analyze and summarize mould testing problems, then improve it. Ensure customer satisfaction of samples exterior and dimensions, at the same time make the mould more suitable for injection molding.