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 Hongke Plastic Precision Mould Co.,Limited

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 Mobile Phone: +86 1358 080 0428

 Tel:+86(769)8228 9418

 Add: No.6, Xiangshan Road, Jichiling, Dalingshan town,Dongguan city,Guangdong province,China.

company culture
company culture


company culture


company culture

Keep improving

company culture

team cooperation

company culture

 "Trust, High efficiency, Keep improving and teamwork" is our constant development creed.

We provide reliable and professional solutions to mould making and injection molding. Better mould and product quality, competitive price and timely delivery win the continued trust of our customers.

Our mould design team always aims for convenient manufacturing and molding. We are concerned with every detail in mould design and be scrupulous about every processing step, to achieve better quality.

Good team cooperation spirit, interlocking for the division of labor and cooperation, maximum performance of the team.

  We would like to establish a seamless service with the customers. Rapid response, timely communication and perfect execution make customer satisfaction.