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 Hongke Plastic Precision Mould Co.,Limited

 Link By: linda shen

 Mobile Phone: +86 13580800428

 WhatsApp:+86 13580800428 


 Link By: Zard Wu

 Mobile Phone: +86 13686147076

 WhatsApp:+86 13686147076 




Hongke has set up a professional, responsible work team. The owner, managers and employees of Hongke are committed to meet our customer' s needs and expectations. We recognize that our people are our most valuable assets. We will provide a comfortable and challenging workplace environment for all employees for their full potential development in their careers.

All our members are dedicated to providing quality molds and products, keeping on-time delivery, communicating openly and honestly with customers and keeping pace with technological developments in the plastic injection mold making and molding fields. Hongke is proud of such an excellent team, who has made great contribution to the whole company. And customer's satisfaction is our unremitting pursuits and ultimate target.