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 Hongke Plastic Precision Mould Co.,Limited

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Dongguan Hongke Plastic Precision Mould Co., Limited .

Hongke Plastic Precision Mould Co., Limited was established in 2008,as an excellent Chinese manufacturer specializes in mould making and injection molding. We are involved in the field of aero seats, auto parts, household appliances, power tools, medical equipment and etc. We have a strong team of skilled and experienced mould design engineers, NC design engineers, and mould making masters. We are good at complicated mould, precision mould, and large mould making. And we also have rich experience in over mould, double injection mould, unscrewing mould, and high performance material mould.

We obtained ISO 9001:2015 quality system certificate. We have tens of processing and testing equipment including high speed CNC machine, mirror EDM, precision grinder, lathe, milling machine, drilling machine, tapping machine, injection molding machine and three coordinate measuring machine.

Our factory building area of 5000 square meters, More than 50 employees, Export about 400 to 500 sets of moulds per year. 

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