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Hongke 2023 Annual Party Was Successfully Held

Dongguan Hongke Plastic Precision Mould Co., Limited annual party was successfully held,It kicked off with a wonderful and sincere New Year's message from the company's general manager, Mr. Leo. Mr. Leo reviewed the company's 2023 and hoped for 2024 All employees will work together to create greater glories in the future!


The New Year's bell rang, and the rings of time left a deep mark. On this day of bidding farewell to the old and welcoming the new, the Hongke family gathered together to spend this wonderful night.

At Hongke, we can easily find many veteran employees who have served in their positions for more than 10 years. They sow the seeds of youth on the land of Hongke and grow and expand with Hongke. Winter snow, summer rain, time flies, and ten years have allowed persistence to show their value, love for the cause, and recognition of the company, allowing them to take root in Hongke, day after day, year after year, down-to-earth and without complaint. Regretfully dedicating one's youth.


With awards of all prizes, the party of 2023 ended in joy.


One day the wind and waves will favor me, I'll raise white sails and head to sea.


Let's be full of confidence and passion!


Gaint ship "Hongke" is setting sailing again.