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 Hongke Plastic Precision Mould Co.,Limited

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2024 Good-Iuck of Beginning

At the beginning of the new year, on behalf of Hongke Company, all employees and our customers and friends, I would like to first express my sincere respect for the arrival, and at the same time extend my New Year blessings to all colleagues and customers!


Happy New Year and a good harvest of firecrackers and snowflakes. After the joyful, peaceful and relaxing Lunar New Year holiday, we are back to work. Let`s meet in the spring. The festival is the time!


As the saying goes, a year's plan begins in spring, so at the beginning of this new year, we will devote ourselves to work with fuller enthusiasm, more solid style, and more effective measures to complete all tasks of this year. A good start to the new year, a good step forward!


In 2023, with the full cooperation of managers at all levels of the company and the joint efforts of all employees, with the background of adhering to a people-oriented corporate culture and the support of new and old customers, the company has achieved leapfrog development, presented a new look, and created new milestones.


We will continue our efforts this year, and our mold design team always aims to facilitate manufacturing and molding. We pay attention to every detail of mold design and meticulous every processing step to achieve better quality. We have formulated a series of work plans and regulations based on the company's current situation to seize new opportunities and welcome new challenges in the fierce market competition. Challenge, accelerate the development of new products, work hard towards the goal, and create brilliance together.


We are precision mould making and Injection Moulding manufacturer. We make Aero Parts Mould, Power Tools Mould, Medical Parts Mould, Inserts Mould, Unscrewing Mould and Auto Parts Mould. We have strong design engineer team which can satisfy our customer all needs.


If you need any help about your new project, please send us your requirements. We hope that we will have opportunities to cooperate in the coming days. We will provide reliable quality and competitive price for you !