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IPF Japan 国際プラスチックフェア

東莞市弘科金型株式会社は2023年に3年に一度開催されるIPF Japan 国際プラスチックフェアに出展します。2023年11月28日から12月2日まで,IPF Japan 国際プラスチックフェア于日本幕張展覽館举行。弊社は、主に金型設計 · 製造と射出成型を中心に、金型の製造 · 販売を15年手掛けております。展示会には、自動車部品金型、ネジ抜く金型、航空部品金型、電動工具部品金型、オーバーモールド、インサート金型、医療製品金型が展示されます。


We participated in IPF Japan exhibition from November 28th to December 2nd in 2023. This exhibition held in Makuhari, Japan. We specialize in mold making and injection molding over 15 years, mainly focusing on mold design and manufacturing and injection molding. The exhibition will display Auto Parts Mould, Unscrewing Mould, Aero Parts Mould, Power Tools Mould, Over Mould, Insert Mould and Medical Parts Mould,.




At the booth, we displayed the company's core products, attracting many visitors to stop and watch and inquire. The exhibitors warmly received many visiting guests, answered various questions carefully, and exchanged business cards with each other.





Through this exhibition, we not only expanded the company's market influence, but also enhanced communication with customers and companies in the same industry, laying a solid foundation for future development.


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