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The development prospect of plastic mold shell is huge

In recent years, with the continuous development of the times, the construction industry has developed rapidly, and the requirements for the quality of construction projects have become higher and higher. Therefore, the construction projects are mostly multi-layer and high-rise frame structures made of reinforced concrete. Under this background, plastics were born. The formwork can well meet the construction needs and create more benefits.

With the enthusiasm of my country's real estate industry and the continuous development of various engineering constructions, the plastic mold shell industry has developed rapidly, and has an important position in the construction industry with excellent performance and role, and has also laid an important foundation for the development of society.

There is also building plastic formwork as a tool in cast-in-place concrete (mainly slab components). With the increasing scale and number of urban construction and infrastructure projects in my country, it is ushering in an unprecedentedly huge construction engineering market. I believe that with the continuous development of the times, the development prospects of plastic mold shells will get better and better, and the role it will bring to us will become greater and greater.