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​Injection mold maintenance

Injection mold maintenance

1. Select the appropriate molding equipment and determine the reasonable process conditions. If the injection molding machine is too small, it will not meet the requirements. If it is too large, it will waste energy, and it will damage the mold or template due to improper adjustment of the clamping force. reduce efficiency.

When selecting an injection machine, it should be selected according to the maximum injection volume, the effective distance of the tie rod, the installation size of the mold on the template, the maximum mold thickness, the minimum mold thickness, the template stroke, the ejection method, the ejection stroke, the injection pressure, the clamping force, etc. It can be used only after checking and meeting the requirements. The reasonable determination of the process conditions is also one of the contents of the correct use of the mold. Too much clamping force, too high injection pressure, too fast injection rate, and too high mold temperature will cause damage to the service life of the mold.

2. After the mold is installed on the injection machine, the empty mold must be run first. Observe whether the operation of each part is flexible, whether there is any abnormal phenomenon, whether the ejection stroke, the opening stroke are in place, whether the parting surface is tight when closing the mold, whether the pressure plate screw is tightened, etc.

3. When using the mold, keep the normal temperature and work at normal temperature, which can prolong the service life of the mold.

4. The sliding parts on the mold, such as guide pillars, back needles, push rods, cores, etc., should be observed at any time, checked regularly, scrubbed and filled with lubricating grease in due course, especially in summer when the temperature is high, at least two extra for each shift Secondary oil is used to ensure the flexible movement of these sliding parts and prevent tight seizing.

5. Every time before clamping the mold, you should pay attention to whether the cavity is cleaned up. There must be no residual